Friday, 16 November 2007

>>>work by Erin Petson<<<

Erin Petson

An Artist and illustrator, Erin works at the cutting edge of traditional and mixed media. Her love of drawing blends seamlessly with textures and montage to create powerful and provocative images. Her subjects are often withdrawn, on edge and detached from their surroundings, which adds to the mystery of Erin’s work and contrasts its delicacy. Her assemblages have a paper doll like quality they have been described as bondage leaning glam-vintage images. Erin constantly experiments with media, scale and reference in her work. You are likely to find tape, collage, magazine clippings, and vintage textiles in and amongst her pencil drawing and painting.

Commissions by Playstation3, Stella McCartney, Selfridges, Asda, Bracewell, Art Directors Club Germany and Lascivious, have all come since graduating from Liverpool John Moores University in 2004, whilst her illustration has featured in

The New York Times, Time Out London, Domino New York, Rojo, Tank Magazine, Elle(US), Marie Claire(US & AUS), JANE(US), Little White Lies, X-FUNS, Madame Figaro…….

Seeing her work for real is recommended as its power comes from the textures and the immediacy of her images.

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